The Tough Ones little brother extreme enduro just got a little bit tougher last weekend as the Promoters and Organisers, WOR Events, provided a couple of superb races for all the riders throughout all the classes at the World famous home of the Tough One Enduro at Nantmawr Quarry in Shropshire.

The track was challenging, technical and demanding but more importantly it was ride able, achievable and enjoyable, the key ingredients for a proper Extreme Enduro and something that Steve Ireland and his WOR Team have perfected over the years having gained unrivalled experience in this format of Hard Enduro events.

The day was split into two races, the 10am morning race being for the Sportsman, Novice, Youth and Over 40's B riders and the 1pm Afternoon race for the Experts, Clubman and Expert Vet riders.

As the Morning race had filled up very quickly Ben was entered as clubman in the more challenging aftrenoon race.

We had both spent a very enjoyable saturday riding a challenging but doable course as a fun ride event, a prequel to the sunday race and Ben had put in some practice on some of the extreme sections of tyres, logs and a car ! But it was clear that there were going to be a few extra bits in the sunday race that would provide spectator enjoyment and rider fatigue! 

Traffic jams will be no issue in the future!

Sunday dawned fine and we watched the morning race unfold and the carnage of smoking flying machinery on a particularly slippery steel hill which proved to be a real challenge for maost of the slower riders.

1pm and the flag dropped  and he was off getting a good start and running with the leaders for most of the first lap until another rider careered into him on the hill dashing his chances of a clean ride up.

With that first lap being his possible fastest of 10.50 he now found himself further down the field battling through which he did to great effect finally finishing in a very credible 10th place in the class. with 10 laps completed in the two hours.  

Ben Tackles the rock garden section 

Some information and text taken from TOLB report Enduro News