The less talented extreme riders Neil "Jarvis" Varney and Richie "Walker" Garner line up for the start of the Fred Rist LDT Neath Wales just as it starts to rain 


The road sign said "Please drive Caerphilly" and we knew that we had entered Wales, that and being stung on the Severn Bridge for £6.20 and it had started to rain, all tell tale signs that Englands fair pastures were well and truly in the rear view mirror.

Miles of waterlogged tracks - Fantastic!


26 SECTIONS AND ABOUT 70 MILES  ahead of us,and at times it would feel like an extreme enduro rather than a LDT It had rained most of the night and now as we set off just after 9am it was raining again and would be until 3pm that day. The going was superb. Rocky stream sections and tricky woods sections with long runs across the moors in between. By Lunch Neil was on only 2 marks lost, one less than Richie and i had lost on section 1 but it all fell apart for him after lunch with a succession of three fives in the first group until ending up on 30 lost he dropped down the rankings like a stone.

Neil on a challenging waterfall section

Richie and I fumbled our way round with the majority of scores being 5 or 3 but there were a few cleans thrown in and the occasional 1 for good measure. Fantastic days riding, 8 hours in all 6 of which were in the rain.....but we will return again .